Jurnal Neuroanestesi Indonesia

Editor of the magazine Journal of Neuroanestesi Indonesia receives neuroscientific articles in the form of research reports, case reports, literature review, either clinically or to the biomolecular level, as well as letters to the editor. Manuscript under consideration that may be uploaded is a full text of article which has not been published in other national magazines. Provide scientific information about neuroanesthesia and critical care to sub specialists neuroanesthesiology and critical care in Indonesia, anesthesiologist, other specialists in environmental sub anesthesiology and intensive therapy, other medical disclipines and medical students. The manuscript which has been published in proceedings of scientific meetings is acceptable with written permission from the organizers.

JNI is published every four month (February, June, October) and has been accredited commencing February 2015 Decree No. 12 / M / Kp / II / 2015 (February 2015-February 2020), indexed in Google Scholar, IJSD (Indonesian Scientific Journal Database), Crossref. Portal Garuda. Published by the Indonesian Society of Neuronanesthesia and Critical Care (INA-SNACC). INA-SNACC is an association of neuroanestesi and critical care (NACC) interest, consisting of specialist of Neuroanestesia Consultant Anesthesiology and Critical Care (SpAnKNA) and trainees who are following the NACC education. After becoming a Specialist Anesthesiology (SpAn), a SpAn will take another (two) years for NACC education and training. In addition to learning from teachers in Indonesia KNA trainees receive education of teachers/experts in the field of NACC from Singapore.

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